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Training Terms and Conditions

Seltics is committed to high quality customer care relationship with our clients. We endeavour to provide satisfaction to our clients through our business model, processes, interactions, and transactions.

The terms and conditions for our training events are as follows:

Health & Safety
You are required to comply with the security, fire, health and safety at the event location.

Payment must be made in full as part of the registration and before the training day.

Cancellations and transfer terms

All cancellation and transfer requests must be made in writing to the Seltics. Cancellation by telephone will not be accepted.

Only one transfer is permitted per booking. Transfers can be made from one delegate to another or from one workshop to another.

A cancellation of a booking which has already been transferred will not be refunded.

Seltics cannot offer refunds to delegates who fail to attend sessions for reasons outside the control of Seltics. Administration charges on transfers and cancellations are as follows:

Cancellation and transfer charges - Training Courses

Cancellation and transfer charges - Webinars and Coaching

The rates quoted within this website remain correct at time of publication and (that is the earliest event date published within) and 90 days thereafter. Seltics reserves the right to alter these prices outside this period.

Event dates and venues
Seltics reserves the right to alter event dates and venues without liability. In the event of a cancellation where alternative cannot be provided in respect of that event a full refund will be offered. Seltics will not normally reimburse travel or accommodation expenses. Seltics are not able to offer refunds for cancellations outside our control, including adverse weather conditions, flooding or industrial action.

Events notes and training
The notes and training for Seltics events cannot be relied upon for legal interpretation. Neither Seltics nor its employees, associates, trainers or consultants can accept responsibility for delegates’ actions, or those of other people reading the course notes or interpreting the training in litigation, or responsibility for any loss incurred as a result of relying on the training or the training notes. If in doubt, consult a lawyer.

Event outlines
In order to respond rapidly to changes in market demand Seltics reserves the right to alter its event content and/or trainer.

Discounts and special offers
Any discounts offered on Seltics events are exclusive. They cannot be combined. Except for company-wide or pre-agreed discounts, the higher discount will always be applied. In the case of special offers these must be requested at time of booking, and will not automatically be applied.

If you have questions regarding this terms and conditions please contact our sales department at
info@seltics.co.uk using the Enquiry Form in the Contact Us page.

Seltics Ltd is registered in England and Wales Company No. 05688738.

Event type



Training courses and Webinars

31 days +

No charge

15-30 days

50% of fee due (or 25% of original course fee for transfer)

1-14 days

100% of fee due (or 50% of original course fee for transfer)

Bespoke training

21 days +


Event type



Webinars and Coaching

31 days +

No charge

15-30 days

75% of fee due (or 50% of original event fee for transfer)

1-14 days

100% of fee due (or 50% of original event fee for transfer)