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Seltics provides a diverse range of solutions that add value to organisations, teams and individuals.


Coaching support each individual to work on an action plan towards fulfilling his or her objectives. Our qualified and experienced coaches use coaching model in their work with each individual.

Coaching Find out more Consultancy


We use client-centred consulting model to partner with clients to diagnose problems and situations, undertake audit and research, analyse results, recommend solutions, benchmark solutions against best practice, and evaluate impact of solutions.

Mediation Service

Our mediation service is based on the principles of collaborative problem-solving, with a focus on the future and rebuilding relationships, rather than apportioning blame.

Find out more  Mediation Service

Organisational Development

The primary objective of our OD solutions is to enable business transformation and success using action research, team building interventions, inter-group interventions, personal interventions, business process re-engineering, change management, learning and development, employee engagement, etc.

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Outsourcing and Managed Services

We support small, medium and large organisations to meet legal and best practice requirements for human resources, learning, training and development functions by outsourcing these services to us to manage for them by providing tailored solutions that are aligned to the context, size, strategy, and specifications of each organisation and its business needs.

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Resilience Solutions

We support organisation, individual, team or leaders to develop buffer strategies to manage business adversity through resilience training courses, coaching, and complimentary solutions such as OD, mediation, and subject-specific training courses.

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We carry out research for clients in the private, public, statutory, charity and independent organisations through research methods that are customised to client's needs, sector, best practice, and research objectives.

Find out more  Research

Team Based Solutions

We provide a range of team-based solutions such as training courses and team away days / development days to teams working in diverse functions and services using assessment tools and techniques such as MBTI, PPA, Belbin team roles, 360-degree feedback, etc.

Find out more  Team Based Solutions

Training Solutions

Our business model is unique which is to partner with you, the client, to deliver appropriate diagnosis, interventions, design evaluation strategies, evaluate return on investment, and enhance people and organisation improvement.

Find out more  Training Solutions

Performance Management

We work with organisations, departments, teams and individuals to improve performance through activities aligned to business goals, strategies to improve, empower, motivate and reward to ensure success at every level - organisation, department, team and individual.

Find out more  Performance Management


We work with organisations, departments, teams and individuals to improve performance through project activities aligned to business goals, strategies to improve, empower, motivate and reward to ensure success at every level - organisational, departmental, team and individual.

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Leadership and Management Development

We support and contribute to the development of leaders and managers in organisations. The performance, productivity and effectiveness of leaders and managers are important to the success of organisations, or their business if they are business owners or self-employed.

Find out more  Leadership and Management

Employee Engagement

We support organisations and businesses with a range of employee or staff engagement solutions to maintain or improve their productivity and performance or competitive advantage. We help to improve employee engagement in organisations through its key drivers.

Employee Engagement Find out more  Human Resources Solutions

Human Resources Solutions

Our HR solutions are flexible to improve business operations, management and performance; they are creative to enhance business success and innovation helps you to gain an up-to-date understanding of HR, L&D and workforce policies and practices through our flexible service options.

Education and Training

We partner with clients to provide solutions to organisations, institutions, departments, services, teams and individuals by identifying and assessing needs, planning and designing interventions and programmes, delivering interventions and programmes, evaluating interventions and programmes, producing reports, and providing other related solutions.

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Change Management

Seltics support a diverse range of organisations to design, implement and successfully deliver change projects and programmes. ‘Change’ whether organisational change or institutional change is the only constant.

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Learning and Development

We align relevant elements of education and training interventions and programmes to client’s organisational or institutional objectives, goals, values, etc. We reflect these objectives, goals, values, etc in the planning, design, delivery, evaluation and reporting processes.

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